Chairman of the Board
Twelve Victory Exchange Co.,Ltd.
Aunchalee Co., Limited had foot-printed as an original name located at Pradipat Street and changed to SC Services E. Co., Limited in 2002 and became to Twelve Victory Exchange Co., Ltd till to-date.

Twelve Victory Exchange Co., Ltd had been recognizing the importance of expanding branches to main city and tourist area in order to cope with the need of foreign exchange market. At this moment, we have 15 branches and still committed to expanding into the place where there is more potential including improving systems and high technology to meet the needs of our customers to have the most satisfaction.

“We provide foreign exchange service with international standard.  With our service mind and modern technology, you will have utmost satisfaction on our warm and transparent service. The Rate is always good !”

We promote and facilitate foreign exchange business in order to the response of tourism industry’s growth as well as Education and Commerce. Not all, we also support the tourism hub of the region and the pace of the ASEAN Community (AEC) in the future.

We operate with the transparency principle to serve with integrity, fair prices and reliable. We also engage in the practice of social with its commitment to serve all level and responsibility by law including the regulation of taking into account the reputation and role in the organization as a good citizen of Thailand.

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Foreign exchange currency such as USA (Dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (Pounds Sterling), JYP (Yen), CNY/RMB (Yuan) and KRW (Won)

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